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Greenlife Herbal 🌿 Network Ltd. is a world-wide direct selling company owned by China Greenlife Group. The company was founded in 1988 in China. For about 10 years after its establishment, Greenlife took time to conduct research on the right herbs for effective treatment of various diseases. In 1998, the company was ready to take its herbal products outside China, and introduced direct sales marketing. In the year 2010, Greenlife came to Nigeria. Greenlife is into the business of manufacturing and distributing herbal medicinal healthcare products, especially Chinese herbal products and other commodities through direct sales marketing.

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The President of Greenlife Group, Professor Lin Hu, PhD has the vision to take the Chinese traditional medicine and its treasures to everywhere in the world, the aim being to increase people’s standard of living by improving their health and financial status.Because of the high quality and outstanding effectiveness of the herbal products for treatment and prevention of many diseases including osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, stroke, sexual related diseases, hemorrhoids, infertility cases, low sex drive in both men and women, arthritis, malaria, cardiovascular diseases and infections, kidney, liver, lungs, heart and spleen problems etc.Today, Greenlife, which developed from a Chinese local company in 1998, has grown to becoe a ultinational Group. The company is well known in many countries through the proven efficacy of its products. The herbal products are approved by the China Ministry of Health, FDA of the United States of America and NAFDAC of Nigeria.For any interested person either for the health or wealth aspect of the programme 08130738820/08173347868Tiamiyu Abdulmumeen’s photo.

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