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Dj Lizzu

Disc Jockey Chinonso Ukpaka Valentine is a very quiet fellow. He hardly speaks nor mixes a lot with people but there is an aspect of his life that will always bring out in him. That aspect is the spirit of music in him! Chinonso whose stage name is DJ is completely another guy when it comes to playing music as a DJ. All the regulars about him will completely disappear anytime he mounts behind the music machine.

When Ezewest Mpire met the famous DJ at the night club he plays in Ago area of Okota Lagos, he was full of life and displayed high dose of humility to the Ezewest Mpire reporter. The first question from Ezewest Mpire to him was to share with the public how the name Lizzu came about. According to him, “My stage name is Deejay , it was given to me by my friend “Omo nna”. He is a singer and a very good friend. There was a girl who I was used to then and she was not a Nigerian… so my friend started calling me that name from the studio where we stayed. The name began to spread. I had no choice then than to accept the name because it spread so fast more than I could imagine. That’s how I came about the name Deejay .”

On how and why he became a DJ told Ezewest Mpire that it was a real war for him and his family. As someone who so much loved music, he usually sneaked out of the house to go for musical events. His love for music was discovered so early in life to the extent that when he was in secondary school, he formed a musical group involved in choreography.

“I usually sneaked out of the house because I wanted to stay with my boss and I loved music a lot. When I was in school I formed my own choreography group then. It was all about break dance. Anytime I was done performing in school, I would go and stand near one deejay then that’s how my passion grew to the extent that sometimes I missed school just to go to my boss office. I continued this until I first got an opportunity to use my boss desktop to play. That day was like the heavens wanted to fall on me because I was “crowded” with joy.”

Dj Lizzu

The journey to being a professional DJ just started when moved on to one famous club called “De Dems” Park also in Okota. It was there he met DJ Jezzy who groomed him in the act of playing music as a DJ. Lizzu told Ezewest Mpire that he was with the man for a period of four years and he learnt a lot during his DJ musical apprenticeship.

The musical journey for Lizzu as a professional DJ has taken him to work in clubs like, Exclusive Mansion Hotel and Bar, where he was first employed as an in-house DJ.

Dj Lizzu
Deejay Lizzu

DJ Lizzu has indeed inspired some other DJs in his locality such as DJ Tommy, DJ Henry Fresh, DJ Crucifix and more.

As someone who has worked as a Disc Jockey for 9 unstoppable years, DJ Lizzu hopes to have a big music studio someday and have his own night club. Above all these, he also wants to be the first guy to establish a school where DJs will be trained professionally.

In his final note, DJ Lizzu used the opportunity to thank his mother for her care and love, DJ Jezzy whom he always calls his boss and some others like X-Crazy, whom he also described as hype boss and DJ Micky Dspin. He gave all the glory to God for what he is today and promised never to let his fans down as a DJ.

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