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How to get your music on SPOTIFY & MORE

In this tutorial below i am gonna teach you how you can get your music on SPOTIFY & MORE so you can make money (MONETIZE) Read through and endevour to ask question where necessary.

How to get your music on SPOTIFY & MORE


Music streaming platforms like Spotify have revolutionized the music industry and are currently the #1 way consumers are listening and discovering new music. If you’re looking to tap into this massive audience and are wondering how to get your music on Spotify and Amazon Music, then look no further! because this tutorial is the last bus stop to your questions.

How To Get Your Music on Spotify & More

Audio distribution is a great way to increase your brand awareness and attract a new audience to your content. Songcast Audio Distribution Portal is an easy-to-use feature that will guide you on how to get your music on Spotify and other major streaming platforms. To get started, you must create a new audio distribution release by Signing up or Signing into your Songcast account and following the steps in this LINK HERE

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